Top 10 Best Wedding Venues In The World

When organizing a wedding, one of the most challenging decisions that people have to make is choosing venues for their events. While many resorts and historical landmarks are accessible to wedding enthusiasts worldwide at different price ranges, choosing the best one is always an arduous task. To ease this process, here is a review of the top 10 best wedding venues in the world that you should consider:

10. Villa la Brenta, Clearlake, California

The Villa la Brenta is an elegant wedding venue in Clearlake, California. This 65-acre family owned vineyard is exquisite and has many interesting features that will make your wedding ceremony and or reception a memorable one. Its lush greenery, for instance, is excellent for outdoor events. Its extensive terraces overlooking lush gardens and a vine-covered pergola are also good for outdoor events and taking photographs, while the large farmhouse can accommodate many party guests comfortably. It also has a hot tub, a pool, a deck, and a balcony with exciting views.

9. Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

If you are planning an indoor Christian wedding, saying “I Do” in the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, Spain is among the best decisions you can make. Apart from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this popular wedding venue is a leading Catholic pilgrimage site, and home to shrine of Saint James the Great. Although you must apply early if you want to secure this legendary wedding venue, its elegance, and array of interesting attributes will make your wedding ceremony a memorable one.

8. Alila Ubud Resort, Payangan, Indonesia

For those who are planning for a wedding but have a tight budget, consider saying “I Do” at the Alila Ubud Resort in Payangan, Indonesia. This alluring hillside resort is exotic. Its lush tropical gardens are good for receptions and photo-taking sessions with your family and friends. Its traditional pavilion is also good for open-air ceremonies or receptions, while its 14-storey stone and wood constructed rooms can accommodate 56 guests. Each room is comfortable, has panoramic views of a ring of volcanoes, the Payangan valley, and the Ayung River that winds through this world-renowned resort.

7. Villa Yoosook, Patong Beach, Thailand

The Vila Yoosook is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue on Patong Beach, Thailand. It has lush gardens for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. It is quiet, has uninterrupted sea views, and interesting accommodation options that can satisfy people of all cadres. After a tiring wedding ceremony, for instance, newlyweds can enjoy a luxurious stay in one the Villa Yoosook’s 13 bedrooms, enjoy panoramic views from one of its four lounging areas, or spend quality time in its private sauna, gymnasium, or private pool.

6. Vail Mountain Resort, Vail, Colorado

On our 2014 review of the top 10 Best wedding venues in the world, Vail Mountain Resort in Vail, Colorado, USA ranks as the sixth best globally. Although people love it for different reasons, its one-of-a-kind outdoor amphitheater curved on the side of a mountain is one of its major selling points. While reciting your wedding vows on this amphitheater, your guests will witness the ceremony from a vantage appreciating the lush green forests, nature, and mountain ranges that overlook this exceptional resort.

5. Masia Escrigas, Catalonia, Spain

The Masia Escrigas is a fully loaded farmhouse in Catalonia, Spain. This 114-year-old building is beautiful and unique. It is large, has many guest room, and many essential amenities that will make your before and after wedding ceremony a memorable one. For instance, if you are not afraid of water, you can say your wedding vows beside the private pool on this property. Its lush gardens, orchard, and terraces are other interesting sites for taking wedding vows, photos, or hosting other wedding events.

4. Sarasota Bay, Florida, USA

The west coast of Florida is home to some of the best recreational and wedding venues in the United States of America (USA). Sarasota Bay, for instance, is a gated 15,000 square feet estate that currently ranks as the fourth best wedding venue worldwide. It is secure. It also has gorgeous grounds with panoramic views and reception pavilion with a rooftop helipad. This way, you can make a surprise entry and exit the reception area to your secret honeymoon destination in a whisker.

3. The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, India

The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, India is the third best wedding venue in the world for the following reasons: First, its Palaces of Rajasthan-inspired architecture is exotic. Its decorative domes and embellished pavilions, for example, are not only palace-like, but also eye-catching. Second, instead of riding through bumpy roads as is always the norm when accessing other wedding venues, you access the Oberoi Udaivilas via an enthralling boat ride across Lake Pichola. Finally, while in the Oberoi Udaivilas, you will enjoy palatable local and international cuisine and access outdoor pavilions, luxury spas, and exclusive wedding retreats that will make your ceremony memorable.

2. Flower Hill, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Flower Hill is an amenity-packed wedding venue in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Its lush gardens with panoramic views, friendly personnel, and array of awesome amenities (gym, hot tub and pool, private chefs, and gourmet kitchen), will make your before and after wedding ceremonies memorable. This resort is cost effective, quiet, and located close to several world-renowned tourist attraction sites in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

1. Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte, Maincy, France

As per our review, the Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte in Maincy, France is the best wedding venue in the world in 2014. This seventeenth century castle has many astonishing features that are unique to France, and that will improve your wedding ceremony in a special way. For instance, its picturesque gardens are excellent for outdoor ceremonies. For indoor events, its well-designed baroque-style halls and pavilions are eye-catching, and host around 400-seated guests. You also have access to horse drawn carriages; fireworks display sites, and many other exciting amenities.

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