Top 10 Best Road Bikes/Bicycles Reviews

Shopping for a road bike may not be an easy task as there are very many options available in the market making it hard to choose the ideal one for your needs. There are very many factors that need to be put into consideration before you pick one including things such as manufacturer, price, wheels, brake& shifting systems and your cycling needs among many others so that you can pick the one that really suits your needs best. To assist you in making a decision, below are the top 10 best road bike reviews in 2014.

10. Alton Corsa R-14 Road Bike

This is great for anyone looking for an intermediate between a top tier performance racer and beginner bicycle. It has a DP-780 racing frame that has 14 speed integrated shifters that allow a person to enjoy more racing vibe. It offers great stability and also climbs with ease.

9. Critical Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Fixie Urban Road Bike

This has been hand built for commuter lifestyle thanks to its tig-welded steel frame that has horizontal dropouts and component set that is great for cycling around town, on beach boardwalks and also for performing freestyle tricks.

8. Nashbar AL-1 Road Bike

You do not have to put a hole in your wallet to enjoy cycling. This is because you can get this road bike that is well equipped with solid Shimano components and a carbon form that is comfortable that make certain you have an enjoyable ride. This is a comfortable and efficient bike that has lots of gears ideal for hilly rides.

7. Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Century 1 Road Bike (700c Wheels)

This is designed for a rider who is searching for an alternative to the high prices and stereotypical fit of top end bikes that are race oriented. The bike seeks to deliver a comfortable ride whether you are using it to go to work or just want to move about during the weekend without sacrificing value or performance.

6. Tommasso Imola Lightweight Aluminum Sport Road Bike

This is a fast and light Italian bred road bike that is built as well as designed with legendary old world craftsmanship. It is made up of light weight aluminum compact frame that is coupled up with impressive 24 Shimano equipped speeds making it an ideal bike for various types of cycling adventures. It is specifically designed to offer thousands of miles of enjoyment and dependability.

5. Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle

This is well suited for commuting, pleasure and fitness riding. It comes with Schwinn road fork and an aluminum road frame that has drop handlebars. It is also well equipped with responsive A050 shifters and allow cranks that are light in weight to help you keep moving fast. Straps and clips for the pedals enhance efficiency especially when turning a deep dish.

4. Giordano Libero1.6 Red/White Men’s Road Bike

This is a road bike that is Italian inspired that features hand crafted lightweight 6061 aluminum frame that is skillfully made, strong but light 700cc wheels, thread less stem, twin bottle mounts and 16 speed Shimano (STI) equipped drive train at great value. This is available in large, medium and small.

3. Takara Kabuto Road Bike (Single Speed)

This is a great commuter bike that comes with strong handcrafted steel frame featuring horizontal dropouts. It has a flip flop hub allowing you to run it in standard freewheel single speed mode or as a fixed gear without having to worry about adjustments to the temperamental components.

2. Vilano Aluminum Road Bike

This can be described as an affordable entry level 21 speed bicycle and one of the best sellers that is found in the market today. It comes with lightweight aluminum frame (6061) and features an integrated headset as well as a Shimano drive train that has A050 handlebar mounted shifters. Purchasing the bike gets you free pedals.

1.GMC Denali Road Bike

This is a 21 speed bicycle that features lightweight aluminum frame that can be used for commuting or racing. It comes with ally brake levers, alloy calipers, high profile alloy Vitesse racing rims, high performance 700c tires and a Shimano derailleur as well as Revo shifts that make it easy to change gears smoothly and quickly.

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