Top 10 Best Motorcycle Locks in 2016 Reviews

Considered among the most convenient modes of transport, motorcycles are dependable accessories that have made transportation fun. Unlike cars that use dedicated roads, for instance, motorcycles access hard to reach areas easily. Fuel consumption is also low, while their low emissions make them ideal travel accessories. Unfortunately, with the incidence of motorcycle theft at an all-time high, many individuals are constantly shopping for locks to secure their machines outdoors. While most available products work well, the 10 best are:

10. XENA (XZZ6L-SS) Disc-Lock Alarm


Do you have a motorcycle that use to commute to work and or school? Are you looking to stem the constant threats posed by thieves whenever you leave it unattended? This XENA (XZZ6L-SS) Disc-Lock Alarm is one of the best solutions. Made of high-grade stainless steel, this lock is durable, rust and corrosion resistant, and has a battery-powered (CR2 Lithium ion) foolproof design that never disappoints. Well setup, for instance, this lock resists free-spray attacks. The alarm it comes with is loud (120 decibels), has movement sensors that better its performance, and has an auto arm and disarm feature that you can use to customize its performance on demand. This lock is light (418 grams), portable, and has foolproof laser-etched keys.

9. Tektalk LED Bike Lock


Unlike standard bike locks that depend solely on their toughness to ward off security threats, Tektalk is not only tough but also have a visible LED illuminated cable that deters thieves from attempting to break it. It is affordable, fitted with a resettable digital combination lock that eliminates the need for keys, while its versatile self-coiling design also benefits individuals looking to secure their hand trucks, sports equipment, and even bicycles. Users also appreciate its solid cylinder design that resists pry and hammer attacks, cut-resistant braided steel cable, and its protective vinyl coating that does not scratch paint.

8. Kryptonite MOTO Series


Popular among motorcycle enthusiasts of all cadres, MOTO Series for Kryptonite is a premium four-disk motorcycle lock with a striking orange theme that deters attackers from a distance. Made of hardened 14mm steel, its shackle resists hammer attacks and cutting. Its disk-style cylinder and double deadbolt lock it comes with resist twist attacks well, while its sliding cover not only protects its components from rust and corrosion but also prolongs its life further. Kryptonite MOTO Series is affordable, very easy to setup, and has three keys.

7. Kryptonite 000884


Featuring a striking yellow theme and an advanced disk lock technology that secures motorcycles well, Kryptonite 000884 is a premium dual-reinforced design that offers value. Perfect for securing most types of motorcycles, the 5mm pins offered fits smaller vent holes without lowering the value of motorcycles. Its disc-style cylinder is also professional grade, while its compact and lightweight design is not only easy to transport but also waterproof. With Kryptonite 000884, you no longer have to spend substantial amounts on a lock to get a valuable accessory that will protect your motorcycle well.

6. OnGuard 8019L Mastiff


Measuring approximately 5’4” x 10mm, OnGuard 8019L Mastiff is an effective chain lock for motorcycles with an advanced bolting lock mechanism (X4 Quattro) that is virtually foolproof. Featuring hexagonal titanium-reinforced chain links, this chain is saw proof. The OnGuard cylinder offered resists picking and physical attacks well, while its heat-resistant and water-resistant construction does not rust nor weaken over time. If you a motorcycle that you travel with often, therefore, this chain lock will secure it well on the parking lot of your workplace or a pole at school. OnGuard 8019L Mastiff is affordable and has an anti-theft protection policy.

5. Master Lock 8290DPS


Judging by its reputation in stores, Master Lock is by far one of the most trusted motorcycle lock brands with its 8290DPS model. Measuring approximately 22-inches it is large and features and advanced streets cuff design (9-link) that is perfect for securing motorcycles to poles or railings. Pricing is decent. The 3-inch cuffs offered are very easy to install and handle, while the hardened laminated steel used to manufacture all components withstands all types of abuse without losing its shape or functional value. Buy one to take motorcycle protection to the next level.

4.The Club UTL810 Utility Lock


The Club UTL810 from Winner International is a versatile utility lock that eliminates the need for padlocks and chains when securing motorcycles. Adjustable (8.5-11.5-inches) to fit various types of motorcycles, the value offered is admirable. Its vinyl-coated body, on the other hand, is durable, withstands up to 1500 pounds of pressure without snapping, and protects motorcycles from scrapes and scratches over time.

3. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit


A top-rated product in the motorcycle security niche, New York Fahgettaboudit from Kryptonite is a valuable U-Lock that is effective against robbery, theft, and all other threats to bicycles. Measuring approximately three feet, the six-sided chain that buyers get is long and made of hardened manganese steel that withstands abuse well. Its flexible design is very easy to install and manage. The hook and loop fasteners offered secure it excellently, while the protective nylon cover that it comes with protects the paint and finished of motorcycles from scratches. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit is affordable and designed to secure motorcycles well.

2. Trimax T665LY


Considered among the top 10 best motorcycle locks in 2016 reviews, Trimax T665LY is a hardened metallic disk lock with a long throat 10mm pin that creates a foolproof seal when setup. Its high-security lock core resists drilling attacks. Its hardened disk locks, on the other hand, resist sawing and chisel attacks, while the visible reminder cable it comes with prevents you from riding your motorcycle with this lock setup. This minimizes the risk of bike damage and physical injuries over time. With each purchase, you get a free carrying pouch that you can use to store and or transport it effortlessly during your cycling escapades.

1. Kryptonite 997986


To get an extra tough bicycle lock that can hold up to sawing, hammer, and prying attacks outdoors, this U-shaped Kryptonite 997986 lock is among the best in 2016. Made of a hardened 18mm steel, its durability is admirable. The 1-12 combination lock offered works virtually foolproof, while its oversized design fits various motorcycle types. You get three keys and a deadbolt locking mechanism (double) that never disappoints.

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