Top 10 Best Microphone Pop Filter/Pop Shield Reviews

Finding the right pop filter or pop shield is essential for recording audio tracks. Regardless of how many canto classes you take, your voice is going to produce pops anyway, which can distort the sound, making it rather unclear and difficult to understand at the same time. Since 2014 is here, we need to take a better look to the newest pop filters that appear. From brands like On-Stage and Auphonix, we present you top 10 pop filters and pop shields to help you out.

10. Nady MPF-6

Even though this is one of the most frequently bought pop filters, Nady MPF-6 still does not provide the best experience and pop filtering that is possible. Designed for both beginners and experienced musicians, Nady MPF-6 features microphone stand clamp and boom that enables you to easily position it, as well as gooseneck holder for enhanced support and comfort. This Nady model is good at eliminating “popping” sound, but you might consider a second option if you are seeking an item that can really filter all pops entirely.

9. Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter

The pop filter from AmoVee is definitely a good option to consider when attempting to buy a new pop filter. This pop filter is fully equipped with protection against “P” and “B” consonants, making audio tracks substantially clearer. The gooseneck holder is extremely flexible at 360 degrees, whilst the swivel mount provides very easy installation. The best part about this pop filter is that it can ensure you of proper defense against undesired pops, which means that the audio will automatically sound better.

8. niceEshop Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter

With a screen diameter of 16 cm and a neck length of 35 cm, niceEshop Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter is an excellent solution that can help you keep the microphone entirely clean and safe. This pop filter can be very helpful at preventing any spit from damaging your microphone, and the 360-degree flexible gooseneck will ensure of excellent comfort whenever it is used, whilst the swivel mount is great for both technical and nontechnical individuals who want to install the pop filter to the microphone.

7. Bluecell 6 inch Studio Microphone Mic round shape wind Pop Filter Mask Shield stand clip

This Bluecell pop filter incorporates the unrivaled feature of having a double-layer mask shield, ensuring superior protection and easy use. If you are going to set up your own recording studio, this item is going to help you a lot. The quality material will help you make sure that no spit will ever land on your microphone’s surface, and all popping and breathing will be partially removed. Moreover, this Bluecell pop filter has a round shape screen that is just great and convenient to use for everyone.

6. Neewer Studio Microphone Mic Wind Screen Pop Filter Mask Shield

Neewer equipment has always been qualitative, and this pop filter makes no exception in 2014. The item makes tracks more audible, clear and easy to understand, ensuring that the message is loud enough. Neewer pop filter will banish any hissing and lisping sounds that appear when pronouncing letters like “s”, and the popping that follows letters “p” and “b”. The pop filter is double layered to filter popping accurately, also preventing any spit from damaging your precious microphone or studio equipment.

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5. CAD Audio EPF-15A Pop Filter

With a screen diameter of 6 inches, CAD Audio EPF-15A Pop Filter is a decent-quality item that can filter pops and unwanted sounds accurately. Even though the neck is 15 inches long, it is still less flexible than you might think. Moreover, the know that tightens the gooseneck might come undone very easily, which might make you some troubles when attempting to record audio. Other than that, CAD Audio EPF-15A Pop Filter has a nice overall performance that is enhanced by the wide array of colors available.

4. AGPtek 6 inch Flexible Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter

With AGPtek pop filter, all individuals will certainly be ensured of a quality item that is ranked as one of the best in 2014. This pop filter has the wonderful ability to make both “P” and “B” consonants sound clearer, reducing any distortions and popping. The gooseneck is 360-degree flexible, being extremely convenient for use and easy to handle even for inexperienced individuals. The swivel mount ensures a perfect lock that will basically block the entire pop filter to the surface where you attach it to.

3. On Stage ASFSS6 GB Dual Screen Pop Filter


Even though both the above AGPtek model and this On-Stage one have a similar rating, the On-Stage one is going to provide an unexpectedly good performance compared to other pop filters. Aside from the dual screen, the item has non-conductive dual hoops with snap ring stretch the filter taut. The filter is made from micro-weave nylon that can successfully diffuse vocal thrusts, keeping the natural sound unaltered. The C-clamp can be attached to any surface, and the 11.5 inch flexible gooseneck does not make any sound when you lock it.

2. Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD Studio Pop Filter


Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD is a professional, top-notch quality pop filter that has a sturdy structure, which is meant to make it more resistant compared to other models. Furthermore, this Avantone pop filter is far superior to any other nylon mesh ones, ensuring that popping and plosives will be successfully removed from the audio, keeping it sounding still natural. Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD can eliminate most popping and has an overall performance rate of over 9o percent.

1. Auphonix Pop Filter

So far, this Auphonix pop filter has been the best rated one on the market, ensuring you of a performance rate of over 94 percent. This pop filter integrates double-layer mesh that can clear the sound of any distortion. The gooseneck is very flexible and sturdy at the same time, supporting the weight of the pop filter perfectly and without problems. One important benefit of choosing Auphonix over other pop filter is its 12-month 100% money back guarantee, which will allow you to be refunded if necessary.

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