Top 10 Best above Ground Swimming Pools in 2017 Reviews

Installing a new in-ground pool is an eye-watering expenditure that costs individuals thousands of dollars. The process is also laborious and often takes longer than most pool enthusiasts are willing to wait. If you are facing a similar dilemma and seeking a worthy alternative, installing an above ground pool has its share of pros. Featuring durable and self-sufficient designs that do not require laborious planning, plumbing, and setup, installation is a breeze. Most models are also large, attainable in a myriad of interesting designs and sizes, and come with water pumps, filters, and heaters that better the experience of users further. These 10 most popular models in 2017:

10. Splash Pools GA NB331852DG-CFP


Above ground pools offer swimming enthusiasts the opportunity to swim on demand at home without worrying about expensive installation and running costs. If you are planning to install one and swimming space is a major requirement, Splash Pools GA NB331852DG-CFP is one of the best products. Measuring 33 x 18 x 52-inches, its spacious design is perfect for swimming and hosting pool parties in backyards.

The slim style no-buttress galvanized stainless steel used to manufacture it is both durable and non-irritant, while the high-performance cartridge filter, printed vinyl liner, wall skimmer, and resin ladder bundled in its package better its performance and the experience of users further. You even get a free installation DVD and booklet that eliminate the need for professional installers.

9. Embassy Pool 5-3986-107


Style is a major attribute that has attracted numerous above ground pools that global attention they enjoy today. Embassy Pool 5-3986-107, for instance, has an admirable oval mystique design that fits into and works well in most spaces. Whether you have a sloped rectangular lawn or a funny shaped one that you are looking to put into use, you will not regret buying one.

Its corrugated pool wall has a charming allure that most people appreciate. Walls and bearings are sturdy and made of rustproof galvanized steel, while the myriad of sizes available in stores can satisfy the needs of individuals with various lawn sizes.

8. Heritage TA 1852GP-DXP Taos


Heritage TA 1852GP-DXP Taos offers the versatility, charm, and function that some comparable models lack. With each new one that you purchase, for instance, you get a 52-inch x 18-foot complete pool with a 25-year warranty for manufacturing defects. The galvanized steel ledges that connect to form its wall are sturdy, aesthetic, and painted to resist rust and corrosion.

The overlap vinyl liner in its interior is an all-weather Perma 25 model with a swirl print bottom that improves traction, while the sand filter (16-inches), heavy-duty resin rubber ladder, and safe twist lock plug not only better its performance but also the overall safety of users.

7. VidaXL Pool


Designed to offer an immersive swimming and pool lounging experience without the stress and money associated with installing a new in-ground pool, VidaXL has numerous admirable attributes. If you have a large family of pool enthusiasts, for instance, its large 13-foot by 7-foot design (rectangular) offers sufficient space for several individuals.

The painted steel frames that constitute its outer walls have a tight connection diameter of approximately 1.3 inches, while its reinforced interior wall (using polyester mesh) is smooth, non-irritant, and designed to minimize slipping when engaging in rigorous water sports. Buyers also like its fade proof blue theme, well-oriented dual connections that fit most types of filter pumps, and high flow drain plug that eases emptying and clean up.

6. Bestway Power Steel


The Power Steel from Bestway is a durable 14-foot by 48-inch above ground pool made of heavy-duty polyester (three ply) and PVC. The materials are rigid, reinforced with premium rope wraps that maximize their stability, and lack irritants such as phthalates and BPA that often compromise the health of both adults and kids. Designed to accommodate up to 4,024 gallons of water (90%), swimming is fun and natural.

The powerful 1000-gallon filter pump it comes with keeps water clear by removing silt and other debris automatically, while the high-flow drain valve on its base attaches to most standard gardening hoses for easier draining and cleaning. With each original package, you get a protective ground cloth, a weather resistant pool cover, and a 48-inch pool ladder that eases entry and exit.

5. Wilbar Round Meadows


Perfect for individuals with tight spaces, bachelors, or individuals with small families, Wilbar Round Meadows is a compact 21-foot x 52-inch above ground pool (with a liner) that resists both physical and environmental abuse. Made of high-grade stainless steel (panels, fasteners, and nuts), you do not have to worry about it rusting and or discoloring over time.

The corrosion-free foundation system attainable with each pool protects it from sand and all other corrosive elements outdoors, while its reliable American-made design is not only reliable but also comes with all essential accessories (rail stabilizers and resin coated ledge, for instance) for running a safe and functional pool and a 10-year warranty.

4. Heritage YO 1552SFP


To get the best above ground pool for yourself and or family members, do not gamble with the cheap poorly designed models that cheapskates prefer. With a premium model such as Heritage YO 1552SFP, you get a large (15-feett x 52-inches) and fun to use pool with a sturdy galvanized steel ledge (painted) that does not crumble under pressure.

Panels are tight fitting and lined with an overlapping all weather vinyl (Perma 25 Series) that contains leaks while its deep system enables users to do intricate tricks and have an enjoyable time overall. In addition to its incredible features, add-on accessories such as its warranty (20-years), resin ladder (heavy duty), and powerful motor (1 HP) and pump systems (16-inches) have made it one of the top 10 best above ground swimming pools in 2017 reviews.

3. Summer Waves (Rectangular)


Manufactured by Summer Wave Elite, this rectangular 9-foot x 18-inch pool has made a positive impact in the above ground pool niche because of its durable and functional design. Consisting of grey-themed metallic frames, for instance, it is stylish and designed to support a lot of weight without collapsing under pressure.

Side, on the other hand, are soft and designed to minimize irritation, while the advanced filtration system (skimmer plus) bundled in its package eliminates silt and debris efficiently to keep water as clean and clear as possible. Each package also contains a safe in-pool barrier, a pool cover, and a sturdy A-frame ladder that supports adults.

2. Intex 28221EH


Its style and cost effectiveness aside, buyers of Intex 28221EH appreciate its durable round-themed design (all metal) that measures approximately 15-feet by 33-inches. All plates are galvanized and powder coated to resist both chemical corrosion and rust. The three-ply PVC liner in its interior resists tears, punctures, and UV degradation over the years while the high flow (530 gallons) cartridge filter pump that buyers get free refreshes water all season long while keeping power consumption low. To spare you the stress of manually filling this pool using your standard water hose, Intex offers buyers a free 530-gallon pump (110-120 volt) that fills it in minutes.

1. Intex Ultra Pool


Popularly known as the ultra-pool, this 24 foot x 12 foot x 52-inch set from Intex offers users an enjoyable swimming experience because of its large and well-constructed design. Water capacity is around 8,403 gallons (90% filled). The advanced sand filter offered keeps water fresh all season, while the premium steel frames (powder coated) and super tough PVC sidewalls (laminated) used to construct it resist both environmental and physical abuse well.

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