Top 10 Best Beach Blankets in 2017 Reviews

Beaches are dusty yet fun-filled outdoor environments that most individuals exploit to relax and have a break from the lethargic indoor environment they stay in all week. To take care of the sand part and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience on your favorite spot, beach blankets are sustainable remedies that you will not regret buying. Made of sand and waterproof materials such as vinyl and polyester, they perform well in punishing outdoor environments.

Their smooth surfaces are comfortable and therefore fun to lie on, while their portable foldable designs are easy to transport to and from beaches in the trunks of vehicles or the lightweight storage pouches that most models have. For memorable results, purchase one of these 10 best models from Amazon.

10. Montem Pocket Blanket


While lying on beaches in an enjoyable experience, particularly to those looking to soak the sun occasionally, the sand menace in beaches impairs the experience of most individuals. To protect yourself from sand, overly hot ground and water that pools over sand occasionally, this pocket blanket from Montem is one of the best to use. Featuring a compact and portable design that fits two to three people comfortably, it is a valuable travel blanket for beach lovers, hikers, and campers.

The soft and premium material used to make it is comfortable, water resistant, and puncture proof, while its foldable multipurpose design (55 x 60-inches) features built-in corner pockets that you can use to secure it to ground in high winds. Apart from sand, this blanket protects users from dirt, rocks, twigs, and insects.

9. Just Relax Parachute Blanket


Designed to cover areas measuring 7×7 feet, Just Relax is a large parachute blanket with an innovative multipurpose design that is perfect for relaxing on the best, camping, tanning, and use during outdoor concerts. Made of lightweight (16 ounces) parachute nylon (100%), you no longer have to haul an expensive blanket on route to your favorite each spot.

Its popping blue, orange, and green theme does not fade over time, while its twig and sand resistant construction minimizes irritation. Most beachgoers also appreciate its hand/machine-washable quick drying design, integrated corner pockets for stability, and corner loops for hanging it over resting areas.

8. Roebury Picnic/Beach Blanket


With Roebury, buyers get a sand and water-resistant beach and picnic blanket with an oversized travel-worthy design and a compact tote bag that eases transportation. Featuring a black and blue flowery theme, this blanket is stylish. Its large 55 x 70-inch design fits a family of four individuals comfortably, while the smooth material used to line its inner surface is not only non-irritant but also easy to clean after use (machine washable). Roebury Picnic/Beach Blanket is 100% BPA-free, foldable for easier transportation, and has a free travel pillow that you can use to support/cushion your head when lounging.

7. Yoler Beach Blanket


In the past, beach blankets were tough and uncomfortable accessories that caused users more harm than good. However, premium materials such microfiber now used to manufacture popular models such as Yoler, lounging on the beach, camping, or hiking is enjoyable. With a new one, you get a bright blue oversized (62×78 inches) blanket that fits several individuals comfortably. Foldable to 14×16-inches, its portability is admirable. Its reinforced corners have pouches for stability, while the non-smelling and non-fading microfiber used in its production is also easy to clean by hand or using a washing machine.

6. OuTera Beach Blanket/Mat


Perfect for use as a mat or blanket, buyers of this OuTera beach blanket get a versatile outdoor accessory with numerous admirable attributes. Size (70×56-inches), for instance, is admirable for the low price charged. The waterproof, stain proof and non-irritant materials used in its production work well on both sandy surfaces and grass, while its lightweight and foldable design is practical to individuals that commute for long distances to beaches and or camping sites. OuTera Beach Blanket/Mat has an easy to maintain wipe-clean inner surface and a warranty (one year) on defects.

5. KAHUNA Parachute Blanket


The popularity of parachute blankets among beach lovers is high because of their lightweight designs, durability, and practicality. To enjoy these and more benefits without spending the hefty amounts some endorsed brands charge, KAHUNA is an excellent choice. Considered among the largest (8×8 feet) sand proof blankets in the market, the greater coverage it offers accommodates up to four individuals comfortably. Its stability in high winds is also impressive (courtesy of the 12 sand pockets on its body), while the zero risk purchase and one-year replacement warranty KAHUNA offers for it guarantees buyers the quality of the product offered

4. DOZZZ Foldable Blanket


Measuring 60 x 50-inches, DOZZZ is a medium-sized lozenge-themed beach blanket with a durable and water-resistant construction that holds up well over time. Attainable with a compact storage tote, transportation is easy. The foldable and machine-washable material used to manufacture it is super convenient and recommended for use in both soft, sandy, and hard surfaces without irritating users. Improve your camping and or beach experience by purchasing an original one today.

3. WEIMY Beach Blanket


Forget about the heavy, irritant, and inconvenient beach blanket that you carry along during your outdoor activities. By replacing it with this pink and gray WEIMY blanket, you get an eye-catching and lightweight blanket made of a puncture-resistant parachute nylon (100%). If you camp in windy environments, the anchor pockets on its body and the four plastic stakes it comes with stabilize it well in such environments. Sand repellency is premium, while its unique cool touch surface does not burn users during hot summer months. Measuring 7×6 feet, WEIMY Beach Blanket fits up to two individuals comfortably.

2. WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape


An excellent remedy for the annoying sand on beaches, WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape is a large 7×9-inch blanket made or a tough ripstop nylon. The material is rip-proof, waterproof, and has a comfortable wipe-clean surface with anchors for stability. Seams are tight and non-irritant. Its unique valuables pocket offers sufficient storage space for keys, watches, and other valuables, while its huge yet compact design does not require a lot of effort to carry around. This makes it an excellent option for individuals that walk to the beach.

1. JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket


While this JJ Cole outdoor blanket is significantly smaller (5×5 feet) that other models listed, it is an excellent personal accessory for solo beachgoers. Attainable in green and gray, the 100 polyurethane fabric used to make it is stylish, durable, and has a luxurious polyester foam filling (100%) that maximizes comfort. Designed to resist water damage, it is perfect for outdoor outings. The sturdy sewed insert on its surface eases folding and storage while the detachable strap system on its body holds it together for easier transportation.

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