Top 10 Most Seducing Perfumes for Women in 2017

The importance of perfume in a woman’s life cannot be ignored as C.JoyBell C. once said that “you are never fully dressed without perfume”. Coco Channel also said that a woman who does not wear perfume does not have a future. The right perfume can give you great style and also boost your confidence to brighten up your day and put you in the right mood. This is one of the main reasons why there are countless options when you are in the market for good perfume. Below are the top 10 most seducing perfumes for women in 2017.

10. Queen by Queen Latifah

Tequila which is the designers’ favorite drink is at the center of its composition enhanced by Mediterranean mandarin and Italian. The heart notes beat with amazing sensuality with the most notable ones being sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, Egyptian incense, vanilla and sexy musk.

9. Guess Eau de Parfum

This is one of the fragrances that allow you to express an unmistakable style with its feminine and unique blend that will surely set you apart. It is not only hot but sexy as well. The green apple and juicy tangerine note introduce a lady heart of pink peony, dewy freesia and delicate muguet. Accents of red fruit and peach vibrate through the blend for a radiance and chic scent.

8. Beyonce Plus by Beyonce

This is one of the fragrances that will simply wow you. It has such a great scent that is sweet, modern and hippy making it ideal for young women and girls as well as the females who are young at heart. The packaging is also gorgeous bringing life to any room it is placed. The best part about it is that it lasts all day.

7. Cool Water by Zino Davidoff

This is a heavenly scent that was introduced in 1966 and it notes various ingredients such as woody notes, pineapple and citrus that is blended in well with scents of the ocean air. It is recommended that you apply it when you are looking for a casual look. Avoid direct contact with eyes and do not apply it on inflamed or broken skin.

6. I Fancy You by Jessica Simpson

This is the latest addition in the brilliant Jessica Simpson Collection. It can be described as velvety, soft and floral musk that includes scents of Fuji apple, pear, sandalwood and lily of the valley. For the best results, make sure you apply it twice every day.

5. Can Can by Paris Hilton

This is one of the fragrances that combine numerous ingredients for the ideal results including Clementine flower, Cassis, Nectarine, Wild Orchid, Orange Blossom, Musk, Amber and Woods. It is recommended that you wear it during the evenings and remember to keep it in a cool and dry place.

4. Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor

Introduced in 1996, the seducing fragrance notes amber, white rose and sweet spices. These are also accompanied by fruity notes of melons and fresh citrus. It is recommended that you apply it during the day time if you want to carry a smile all day and have compliments flowing your way.

3. Rose of Bulgaria

This is described as an explosion of freshness and beauty. It has a seducing fragrance with scent of a Flower Queen that has been burst out of air, water, sun and earth of Rosa Damascena Bulgarian. This allows the wearer to enjoy a delicate romantic scent of Biofresh charging you with positive energy for the entire day.

2. Perfume Epice

From the Florencia Collection, this is a fragrance that can be described as exotic, spicy, seductive, sophisticated, sensual and sexy. Epice offers the wearer a wild and sensible journey power of femininity and eminence of love. It is made from a captivating composition of woody soft Sandalwood, lily, earthy Patchouli and bitter pepper. It’s available in white, red, green and black dress.

1. Purr by Katy Perry

This is a 0.05 oz solid perfume locket on necklace. The very long chain necklace has a purple cat face and smells fantastic. It is a seducing and sexy fragrance with alluring fruity notes of Jasmine, Apple, Peach and sweet floral notes of Orchid and Bulgarian Rose.

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