Top 10 Most Seducing Perfume for Men in 2017 Reviews 

The days when men considered perfume to be lame are long gone. Over time, men have realized that smelling sweet and fresh adds to one’s esteem. Most men today have quality perfumes that show their identity, and women are impressed by. It is not only fashionable to wear some cool cologne, but also all time decency. You will seldom meet a smartly gentleman who doesn’t wear one. It spruces up one’s neat attire. Whether a designer tuxedo suit or voguish casual, cologne is a fine add-on to your smart outfit. However, not all colognes out there are great. For the very best you need, below are the finest men’s eau de toilette sprays to choose from–the most seductive perfumes for men in 2017 reviews.

10. Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir

This is another wonder scent for the gentleman of modern style. The Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir shoots your confidence up with its unique, clean fragrance notes profile. The Bvlgari’s 2006 release redirects attention to you with its carefully chosen botanical papyrus, an uncommon top note that always offers more. The sweet scent of fresh-brewed Darjeeling tea marries perfectly with the citrusy bergamot for an aggressive, aroma-rich heart. Sweet, warm amber finishes the deal for an all round olfactory experience, keeping the promise that you will wear this scent every other time you want that refined vibe with a touch of indelible freshness.

9. Polo Black

Make them turn heads and keep to remember you by using this premier class fragrance by the popular Ralph Lauren. Polo Black, a peerless men’s eau de toilette spray, is a modern 2005 fragrance release that starts with delicate tonka bean and savvy, suiting sandalwood for mesmerizing interplay between mix-and-match elements. Mood-lifting juicy tangerine and deep mango follow next to yield a fresh and fruity heart, as masculine warm patchouli drops the soothing woody finish. The Polo Black is your ideal go-to spray fragrance for those black tie moments thanks to its distinctive modern take on classic scent elements, positioning it as an inimitable Ralph Lauren’s signature scent creation.

8. Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Versace Man Eau Fraiche from the Gianni Versace blends choice notes of lemon, cardamom, carambola, bergamot and Brazilian rosewood to form a fresh, aquatic fragrance that is ideal for your evening at the beach house or those evening sails along the shores with your pals or sweetheart. It is a perfectly balanced fragrance that was creatively formulated for Versace by Olivier Cresp, a master perfumer, and launched in 2006. Wear this eau de toilette as you leave the house to shoot up your morale and for a crisp clean vibe through your outing.

7. Gucci Guilty For Men

Gucci as a brand is generally known for its style, fashion and elegance. The same qualities are present in their perfumes. A man who wants to maintain a casual style while remaining unbelievably seductive will want to seriously consider this perfume. Cypress, calone, violet and bergamot are included in its main notes profile. Its base and middle notes include warm incense of leather accord, amyris, patchouli, cedar and amber wood, sweet tobacco, black pepper and jasmine.

6. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

Take pride in the signature scent by the famous Giorgio Armani as you add the Acqua Di Gio men’s spray to your day by day routine. Enduring since 1996, it is a time-tested quality scent that proudly features light, watery sea notes mingled with citrus accords of lime and orange for a cool fresh kick throughout your day. Particularly formulated for men, it is an enticing aroma with a heart exuding a spicy expert blend of bergamot and nutmeg, with cedar finishing the base notes to produce its own kind of woodsy touch.

5. Versace Eros

Master your space and strike your plans when you put on the Eros by Versace. Launched in 2012, it is a nice men’s eau de toilette spray that brings together Italian lemon, mint, and green apple notes for a sensational vitality and freshness. In the heart of this great cologne is the warmth of special tonka beans, while select flower notes like the geranium keep you feeling smooth and cool with a fougere bouquet. The resultant scent inspires you to go confidently for anything you want in life, winning the day or night.

4. D & G Light Blue

The Light Blue eau de toilette spray by the renowned Dolce & Gabbana is a remarkable choice for the self-assured, vibrant gentleman who loves a modern and mild exciting scent. A 2007 release, it is a top masculine fragrance that features a zesty and robust bouquet. Citrus notes of grapefruit peel, bergamot, and Sicilian mandarin interplay with herbal rosemary and luscious juniper to emit a cool aroma that lasts the day over. Perfect for your casual ear, this top-regarded spray is great for wear when going out to watch that hyped soccer match with pals or a Friday night date in the town.

3. Paco Rabanne Invictus

A recent release for the classy athletic man, the Invictus by Paco Rabanne designer house offers a pristine, sporty scent created to keep you with an invincible feeling all the day long. The masculine scent adds the sharp and charming grapefruit aroma to a marine accord quintessential with fresh ocean water. With aromatic heart notes of bay leaf and jasmine, this wonderful spray features a finish of oak moss woody base that lends it the powerful impression an ideal man is known for.

2. Cool Water by Davidoff

Even when the temperatures rise, stay cool when you put on the Cool Water. A men’s premium eau de toilette spray by Davidoff, it is a light, watery scent perfect for everyday use. Released in 1988, it features a tempting blend of manly notes to rekindle your senses, leaving you feeling confident. Mint and sea water provide an impressive open, mellowing to a sandalwood middle note for some exotic twang. Cedar and sweet tobacco notes are at the fragrance’s base, lending it a woodsy, smoky finish that is memorably masculine.

1. Nautica Voyage by Nautica

Go about your whole day’s meetings confidently wearing the Voyage Nautica men’s eau de toilette spray, a light tempting scent launched by the house of Nautica in 2006. It is a watery, airy fragrance that opens with a cool burst of green leaves and green apple for a nose-alluring botanical kick. Heart notes of lotus and mimosa and base notes of cedar offer the scent a fresh woodsy finish, leaving an impressive memory on every lady you encounter out there.



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