Top 10 Best Curling Wands and Curling Irons in 2017 Reviews

Although some women still consider keeping straight plaited hair as a widespread norm, many modern ladies are tuning to a different trend of much sexier, stylish curly hairdo. The challenge is that not many of them have the time to go to commercial salons, and the high cost for the service also discourages many. However, such women have a reason to smile since a hair curling wand has come to satisfy their craving for a different, better hair look. Basically, curling wands are the opposite of the flat iron straighteners, and they use heat to shape your hair into impressive waves and curls. But not all models of this fashion tool are great. To get the best deal for your money, look at the following top best hair curling irons and wands in 2017 reviews:

10. Ohuhu Curling Iron Wand Set

Create various curl types easily for a wavy, bouncy hairdo that no one else has with the Ohuhu 5-in-1 curling iron wand set that provides five interchangeable barrels to make all curls you may need. The barrels feature professional-grade tourmaline-ceramic technology to help retain your hair moisture while protecting each cuticle for healthier and smooth looking bouncy hair, with long lasting curls. Its easy temperature adjustment feature allows you to seamlessly choose the right heat level for different hair types. Moreover, this curling wand barrel 5-piece set features top-grade PTC+ pottery coating for greater performance results, while the handle of the tool is made of quality PET material. It is time-saving since it heats up fast in one minute, and safe thanks to heat resistant glove.

9. Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand

This Bed Head Curlipops hair curling wand model is guaranteed to satisfy your hairdo desires. The wands are professionally designed for those bold, fashion-savvy personalities who want a stunning mix of massive waves and loose curls. Each wand has a separate barrel for creating a variety of unique hairstyles purposed at amplifying the body, texture, and pizzazz of your great hair. Moreover, they all feature tourmaline ceramic technology for smooth, fizz-free performance, a no-clamp wrap-and-go design, great heat capacity of nearly 400 degree Fahrenheit, and heat protective quality gloves for safety.

8. PARWIN PRO Culing Wand Set

The Parwin Pro offers a wide variety of quality tourmaline ceramic barrels with a simple to use 7-in-1 easy to interchange base, allowing a full spectrum of hair curling choices. The wand has a capacity to heat up to as high as 400 degree Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds, while its digital temperature control feature ensures that you use the right temperatures for particular hair types. For extra convenience and precision use, the unit has an LCD screen light that changes from blue to green the moment the temperatures you desire is reached. It includes a handy travel bag and convenient gloves.

7. Infiniti Pro Nano Curling Iron

Make a unique fashion statement with shiny and beautiful hair curls when you use the Infiniti Pro Nano Tourmaline-Ceramic Iron by the Conair. It uses a technology that incorporates micro tourmaline ceramic particles and silver that emits natural frizz-eliminating ions to produce cute and lasting waves and curls. Although able to heat to as high temperatures as 400 degree Fahrenheit, its far Infra Red technology offers hair-safe heat to prevent hair damage while ensuring enhanced shine and retained moisture.

6. xtava Satin Wave Curling Iron Set

For girls want different hair curl style choices for different occasions, this device could be their perfect solution. The xtava 5-in-1 Satin Wave is an all inclusive hair curling kit that allows you to select your ideal hairdo for the moment. However, if the clutter of too many hair curling irons plus wands, this kit of 5-in-1 interchangeable ceramic-tourmaline barrels provide convenience in your hair styling since it allows you to change your hair appearance easily. With the kit, you can wear beach waves, loose curls, and more.

5. xtava It Hair Curling Wand

Most women want that ideal curl, yet it costs lots of money and time to visit the professional hairdresser. However, the xtava It Hair Curling wand gives you the capacity to achieve those waves at the convenience of your home. Its special oval-shape barrel design helps you achieve that fashion successfully. Xtava It creates a loose wave shape automatically, making it appear natural, and also creates precisely defined curls as well as ringlet thanks to a smaller barrel. All its three barrels have ceramic coating and are tourmaline plated with ionic technology for eliminating frizz to keep your hair feeling and looking free and healthy. The tool is simple to use.

4. Anjou Curling Iron Curling Wand

The Anjou iron hair curling wand features a finely-proportionate design to provide suitability for both medium-length to long hair types. It heats up in one minute to a high 410 degree Fahrenheit for quick curling. Its ceramic coating ensures smooth operation while not pulling the hair. It is easy and safe to use thanks to a conveniently long power cord, thermally well-insulated wand tip, and included quality heat-resistant gloves. It also features several heat settings to suit normal, thick, and even fine hairs.

3. Homitt Curling Iron Set

Homitt 5-in-1 curling iron set has five different size barrels for suiting several hair styles—short or long. Different sizes mean it can create different hair styles, such as waves, corkscrew curls, bouncy, ringlets, or big curls. Three of these barrels are large while the other two are small. The big ones are ideal for long types of hairs, while the other ones are suitable for short hairs.

2. Conair Infiniti Pro Curling Wand

Infiniti Pro by Conair is a top performance curling ward with ceramic technology for creating less frizz, thus ensuring high-shine and smooth hair curling results. The tourmaline technology reduces frizz and eliminates static while preventing hair against heat damage. It supports easy, fast styling without kinks. With a high 400 degree Fahrenheit maximum heat, this styler heats up fast to appropriate curling temperature in 30 seconds. The wand provides 5 heat settings for suitability to all hair types. Its conical barrel supports easy styling without clamps.

1. Remington Pearl Curling Wand  

Like any other curling wands, Remington Pearl curling wand is coated with ceramic which could evenly distribute the heat to your hair. This wand includes a distinctive feature of coating—pearl coating which makes it even more competitive.  When turned on, the flashing bars will tell you at what temperature you apply the heat to your hair; thus, making it easier for the users to adjust the temperature according to the type of their hair. The minimum temperature is 270F, and the maximum one is 410F.


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